Best iPhone case & mounting systems

Best iPhone case & mounting systems

Published by Kelvin Low on 4th May 2019

If you carry an iPhone or smart phone you will probably recall that after receiving the brand new phone and you started to worry about it getting scratch of accidentally drop it. And that's when you started to look for a phone case. Something look beautiful and suite your taste yet functional and protective, and the pricing is definitely an important consideration too.

Even if you might just thinking.. "Nah, is just a phone as long as it serve the purpose, I don't care the scars left on it as long as it is functional". The truth is, any drop would have claim the phone for good or leave you with regrets by looking at unsightly scratches, especially for such a delicate and sophisticated electronics device that barely tolerate a kiss of gravity force. Not to mentioned that there are time that you can't really hold the phone on hand or just leave it at the pocket.

Choosing phone case and iPad enclosure can be daunting and uncertain some time, because by getting the wrong phone case you will end up have to purchase another one or just inconvenience for some activities. For example, you need a mounting kit for driving, or riding a bicycle or motorbike.

While I am writing this article, I am sharing my experience and frustration as well.

I recall that when I change to my new iPhone X I just started to shop around gadget shop to find a phone case for the new phone, especially when I am a driver and riding bicycle occasionally and I need a case that is strong enough to protect my device for accidental drop, I also need the phone case to be able to mount on to my car or bicycle easily and firmly.

Well, luck is not with me and I can't find one good bumper case that fit my lifestyle usage, for driving and cycling. Most of the phone case are offering super slim, strong but bulky bumper case or very low cost but just a layer of plastic around your phone. I can easily find a strong and beautiful bumper case but I will have to purchase a magnetic car holder and stick an piece of black color metal on the phone case. Or a super strong and bulky case that can not fit into a standard phone holder for car. It just missing of something..


Until I found Studio Proper, a Melbourne based boutique product design studio that created a range of awesome mounting solutions for iPhone, iPad and even Apple watch. I was reselling the iPad mounting solutions for my point of sale business but later on found out that the company is carrying solutions for phone as well!

I started with a iPhone bumper case and car mounting rack, a patent design that Studio Proper introduce to the market and coined that as M Lock, a magnetic mounting systems attach with neodymium magnets, an incredible strong attachment to the iPhone case. And of cause, it is not an innovation when come to magnetic mounting as there are plenty of choices from Amazon marketplace or Lazada. But what really impressive is that the perfect alignment of vertical and horizontal alignment by just snap and attach when bring the M Lock iPhone case near to the bracket. And not to mention that you don't need to stick a metal plate to the back of the phone case anymore as it is built-in with the M Lock iPhone case.

Honestly, I am not entirely satisfy for just fixing my driving problem because I am constantly frustrated with either bulky or unreliable attachment for most of the bicycle (or motorbike) stand. You can get one that can really clamp tightly but it leave another problem when you decided to take phone out. So I decided to employ the M Lock bike mount, a simple mounting systems that strong enough to hold the phone down while cycling through the urban road and hit a few pothole by accident. Again, it is a very effective mounting systems for cyclist as it just do the job, and let go when you need to take it off. The adjustable viewing angle even let you check a few message (although that's not advisable for the safety concern).

iphone bike mount

If you have tried using Studio Proper iPhone mounting systems, you might just end up like me buying M lock iPhone Desk Stand as well so that you have a dedicated parking lot for your phone, and M Lock wall mount that you can fix it anywhere for you phone (including shower room as the wall mount is built with anodize aluminium that never oxidize internal or externally), or M Lock iPhone Tripod mount that fit into any camera tripod or monopods.

You will surprise that how much Studio Proper design team has done to make your life easier as there are full range of mounting kits, case, charging station that thoughtfully build for iPhone, Apple watch and iPad. Even if you are using older iPhone that you can't find a suitable case, you will not leave behind as there is a universal M Lock mount that you can use for any iPhone models.

We as a happy and satisfy customer decided to bring in Studio Proper mounting solutions that enhance a user's interaction with the devices in everyday life.