iPad POS Hardware Setup Guide

Congratulation if you have receive your iPad POS Hardware set. If you wish to purchase the package, you can visit POS Package page.

This guide is intended for user who has purchase iPad POS hardware to setup the hardware with compatible iPad POS solutions. Following are the list of package that this guide covered,

Following are the matrix chart of the configuration of different packages,




 Mobile Standard

 Cash Drawer

 350W / 410W

 350W / 410W

 350W / 410W





 Thermal Paper

 5 Rolls

 5 Rolls

 5 Rolls

 iPad Stand

 Stand Prime 9.7"

 Powered iPad Stand

 Stand Prime 9.7"

 Powered iPad Stand

 Stand Prime 9.7"

 Powered iPad Stand


iPad POS Hardware setup guide

A. Receipt printer

1. Ethernet Receipt Printer (Star Micronics TSP-143IIIE)

Star Micronics TSP143IIIE printer work with multiple OS systems and different platform. It is one of the most versatile printer that compatible with most of the iPad POS software. The printer ship with DHCP setting and ready to connect to router with standard IP settings.

  1. Drop in thermal paper
  2. Connect the printer to the downlink port of a router with the Ethernet cable provided in the box
  3. Power on the router (if it is not on) and wait for 30 seconds for the printer to initialize
  4. Power on the printer
    • The indicator light at the front panel is blinking in green
    • The indicator light stabilized
    • Printer should roll some paper out when press on the feed button
  5. Connect iPad to the same network that the receipt printer has connected to
  6. Use the installation CD provided in the box to configure the printer IP address if needed. Make sure the PC is connected to the same WiFi router


2. Bluetooth Receipt Printer (Star Micronics TSP-654IIBTi Bluetooth)

Bluetooth printer is more advanced and easier to connect or re-connect compare to the Ethernet printer. It is perfect setup for business that require to run offsite and require to carry the equipment along. It is also an idea POS hardware for user who is less tech savvy.

  1. Load the printer with the thermal paper roll provided in the box
  2. Connect the printer to the power outlet
  3. Press and hold the "Pair" button at the back panel of the printer until the green light start blinking
  4. Go to iPad and enable Bluetooth connection
  5. Tap to connect to the Star Micronics showing in the Bluetooth devices list


B. Cash Drawer (350W or 410W)

The mini and standard cash drawer work with any receipt printer that provide a RJ11/RJ12 port (like a phone line port). The receipt printer will eject when signal transmitted from receipt printer. The drawer shipped with RJ12 cable and 2x manual override keys.

  1. Open the cash drawer with key if the RJ12 cable is not found in the carton box
  2. Connect one end of the cable to the RJ12 port locate at the back panel of receipt printer
  3. Connect the other end of the cable to the bottom of the cash drawer


C. iPad Stand (WindFall Stand Prime or Powered iPad Stand)

1. Heckler Design Stand Prime 9.7"

Heckler Design Stand Prime design to secure the iPad at an optimal angle so that the casher can operate the iPad POS efficiently. The pivot disk provided allow the stand to swivel 360 degree.

  • Secure the pivot disk to the stand before installing the iPad. This is to prevent the iPad obscuring the installation of pivot disk
  • Install the iPad after the pivot disk is firmly secured

2. Studio Proper Powered iPad Stand

Studio Proper Powered Stand allow the iPad to mount securely and continuously charging. The anodized aluminium stand, pitched at perfect angle and firmly attached to the surface for best operational efficiently.