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So you are desired to transform your business to catch up with competition to stay ahead? We like to invite you to read up this articles about SMEs Go Digital initiative by IMDA.


UPDATE: EISOL proudly announce that we have now appointed as PSG partner to offer PSG to all Singapore SME. It is time for you make your retail business stand out with WORLD NUMBER 1 retail solution.


The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for Vend!

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EISOL is excited to announce that Vend enhanced retail management systems (with POS) is now supported by PSG offered by Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) to boost the productivity of SMEs in Singapore.

As of 20 Jun 2019, Singaporean businesses will be eligible for up to 70% off the total cost of the following packages,

Advanced RMS - Vend (Standard) - 70% off

Advanced RMS - Vend (Omnichannel) - 70% off

All packages includes 1 year Vend Pro plan license, hardware (including iPad) and services. Price include 1 year shopping mall GTO services for retailers who operate in require to submit daily gross turn-over (GTO) to the shopping mall.

Looking to download a quote? Please request for one here (link).


What is Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is a new initiative, coordinated by MTI’s Grants Management Office (GMO) and administered by the relevant agencies, to assist businesses in its transformation journey. Aligned to the Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs), PSG provides support for the adoption of IT solutions and equipment that have been pre-scoped by the industries’ lead agencies.

As part of the Government’s efforts to simplify the overall grant landscape, PSG streamlines existing grant schemes with pre-scoped solutions into one. Businesses that wish to undertake productivity solutions will only need to apply for support under one grant scheme. PSG also aims to better support businesses in the next phase of transformation, which may require more substantial investments and longer-term commitments.

As announced at Budget 2018, the support for pre-approved solutions under the SMEs Go Digital programme is among the first few to be streamlined into PSG.

PSG will be available on the Business Grants Portal ( from 1st April 2018.


What is the process for applying for PSG?

  • Book an appointment with our consultants (Recommended) - Let us know about your business model and evaluate if the solutions can address your current pain points.
  • Request for quotation
  • Approval of quotation
  • Apply for PSG grant and waiting for approval (typically 4-6 weeks)
  • Received approval/reject from SME GoDigital
    • If application rejected, the project will abort at this point
  • Project go-live planning
  • Receive invoice from us and make payment on the day of deployment
  • Submit the claim to SME GoDigital with supporting documents
  • Waiting for the reimbursement via GIRO to your company account
  • Project sign off

What are the requirements?

  • Eligible SME must have at least 30% local shareholding
  • Annual sales turnover less than S$100 million
  • Or, employment size less than 200 employees

Why choose Vend?

  • Vend build from scratch for retail and optimize for retail shop
  • Ready for omnichannel (O2O) retail business
  • Powerful inventory management systems for multi-outlets and Omnichannel
  • Reliable and accurate data recording
  • Work online/offline
  • Real-time report and analytics
  • Variety of add-on programs (WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Xero,  and unofficial integration with Shopping mall GTO, Snapify, and Shopify eCommerce)
  • Accessible anywhere
  • 7/24 international support
  • Over 400+ retailers in Singapore
  • Compliance to shopping mall sales submission
  • Ready integration with QR payments

Can't find the answer here? Call our consultants for quick Q&A.

  • Sales Hotline - 66816538
  • Or email us at
  • Or find out more details from this article link


1. Can I try before I buy?

Yes. You can sign up a free trial account for 14 days or book a demo with us.

2. How is the application process like?


3. I am operating in Shopping Mall. Is Vend compatible with Shopping Mall GTO integration?

Yes, vend is fully compatible with shopping mall with GTO requirements.

4. I am the sole proprietor and I do not have 3 CPF contribution. Am I eligible for PSG?

Yes, you are eligible as long as you have fulfill the 3 criteria above.

5. Can I app for PSG grant with other iPad POS solution like Shopify POS, SquareUp or Loyverse?

No. You cannot apply for PSG grant with other solutions beside Vend unless solutions has received pre-approval status under Enhanced Retail Management Systems category.

6. I have more than one outlet, can I apply for PSG grant for all my outlet?

You are allow to apply for PSG grant for each of the outlet as long as the location has not benefits from government grant assistance before.

7. I am interested, how to get to know more?

You can join our solution demo, download Vend catalog or signup a Vend free trial.

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