Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci 1D Imager Barcode Scanner (Refurbished)

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Please refer to next generation Socket Mobile C700 series with better standby time and speed.



Minimize manual data entry with the Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci, a 1D Bluetooth barcode scanner. Small, lightweight, and comfortable to hold. The CHS 7Ci can scan barcodes printed on labels or displayed on device screens. Easy to connect, it's ideal for retail, asset tracking, field service or other mobile scanning applications.

Certified by Apple® for iOS devices (iPad®, iPhone®, iTouch®) and compatible with Android, BlackBerry® and Windows® smartphones and tablets.

Product Features

  • Connects easily to a wide range of Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, notebook and desktop computers
  • Enjoy wireless freedom with robust Bluetooth connectivity
  • Small and lightweight
  • Reads all common 1D / linear and stacked barcodes up to 20" (51 cm) away
  • Lasts a full work shift - 14-hour battery life
  • Ergonomic - Fits perfectly in the hand for comfortable use over extended periods
  • Made with antimicrobial material for protection against potential harmful microbes
  • Wearable - Includes lanyard / belt clip for convenient access wherever you go
  • Color options (Blue, Gray, Green, Red, White, Yellow) enables corporate branding personalization and is easy to find in busy work environments
  • Designed & made in the USA
  • No software installation required - use Bluetooth HID mode to connect like a wireless keyboard
  • Advanced functionality and scanner configuration supported in Bluetooth SPP mode with SocketScan 10 keyboard wedge software (included)
  • Warranty: 3 months for Barcode scanner


  • Free Shipping for Singapore (Yay !!)


1. How do I connect the wireless barcode scanner with my iPad?

Socket Mobile 7Ci design to pair with your iPad/iPhone or laptop via bluetooth connectivity. The scanner is ready to pair when power on if it is not connecting to any devices previously.

For iOS devices, go to Bluetooth and you will find the scanner appear on the Bluetooth devices list. Just tap and it will automatically connect to your iOS devices.

For laptop connectivity, you will need to enable Bluetooth setting and search of Bluetooth devices. Once the barcode scanner appear in the devices list, click to connect and follow the verification step to scan the code (provided in the user manual) and Socket mobile will be connected to your laptop.

2. Why is this so expensive compare to other wireless barcode scanner?

Socket Mobile is one of the Apple MFI Certified barcode scanner which provide iOS Mode scanning. Typical wireless barcode scanner ship with 2 mode, SPP or HID. And for SPP/HID mode, the scanner will be treated like a wireless keyboard while interact with iOS App. The key differences between SPP/HID vs iOS mode is that iOS mode integrated and interact with your App directly to provide better user experiences. Following are the two scenario between SPP/HID and iOS Mode.


Step 1: Cashier need to tap on the text box to instruct the scanner where to insert the scanned result.

Step 2: Cashier scan the product barcode (SKU) and insert the scanned result into the text box.

Step 3: Cashier tap to select or insert the scanned result.

iOS Mode

Step 1: Scan the product barcode/SKU. Scanned result will trigger embedded SDK and automatically insert the scanned result to the designated text box.

As a result, iOS will reduce the steps by 66% on each product entry which improvise the cashier activity significantly.

3. Do I need to change battery all the time for the scanner?

Socket mobile come with rechargeable NiMH battery along with a charging cable. You do not need to change the battery unless the rechargeable battery has failed. The barcode scanner is able to last for full day of continuous scanning before needed to re-charge again.

4. Can the scanner dock on a stand and automatically scan the product?

For 7Ci, it is design for handheld scanning. You can purchase Socket Mobile 7Qi and QX Stand to enable auto scanning function.

Extra Information

Socket Mobile
0.3860 KGS

Warranty Information

3 months carry in warranty.

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    Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci 1D Imager Barcode Scanner

    We are very happy with the product. It is easy to configure and use. Excellent!