Studio Proper Kiosk Stand

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22.8600 (cm)
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iPad P/O/S Kiosk Stand

A kiosk stand should have several primary objectives; to be beautiful & sculptural, to promote engagement and invite interaction. The Proper Kiosk Stand has been designed with these goals at its core, turning what used to be an eyesore into a beautiful addition to any environment.


The New Kiosk.

Like no Kiosk you've seen before, the Proper Kiosk is thoroughly sculptural, following the sleek and minimal design language of the iPad. Crafted from a ribbon of durable aircraft grade, anodised Aluminium, the Kiosk stand appears almost weightless. It occupies a minimal footprint whilst offering neat cable management and easy, 5 minute assembly.


One Screen. Or Two.

Designed for iPad. Every iPad.

By leveraging the modular Proper Lock Belt system, Kiosk stands can be used with any iPad model, and changed or updated freely, any time. Lock belts are available for each iPad model, and allow quick mounting whilst remaining barely visible when installed. Mounting your iPad to the kiosk is quick and intuitive, with a simple twist & lock operation to mount or remove.




Do I need a Lock Belt to use Proper Business Mounts & Stands?
Yes. The Proper Lock Belt is the key component connecting your iPad to all of our Business Mounts & Stands.

Does the Kiosk Stand manage cables?
Yes! The Kiosk Stand has a channel in its centre which allows you to feed cables through such as power and security.

Can I mount a second iPad to the Kiosk Stand?
Yes! We offer a complete Dual Screen Kiosk Stand Solution, or a standalone Dual Screen Adapter if you already have a Kiosk Stand.

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Studio Proper
22.8600 (cm)
109.2200 (cm)
12.7000 (cm)
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1 year carry in warranty