TSP-650II Bluetooth Printer Setup Guide for SquareUp Register

Connect Your Bluetooth Receipt Printer to the iPad

Supported Bluetooth receipt printers are ideal for iPad receipt printing on the go or in casual environments where you don't have access to an Ethernet port. The following Bluetooth printers are compatible with the Square Register app on the iPad:

  • Star Micronics SM-S220i Bluetooth thermal printer with 58mm/2" receipt paper
  • Star Micronics SM-T300i Bluetooth thermal printer with 80mm/3" receipt paper
  • Star Micronics TSP654II Bluetooth thermal printer with 80 mm/3" receipt paper

Before connecting your Bluetooth receipt printer to your iPad, ensure the battery is charged and the device is connected to an AC outlet, receipt paper is loaded, and the printer has been turned on. For further information on the initial setup of the printer, refer to the corresponding manufacturer's manual: Star Micronics SM-S220i and Star Micronics SM-T300i.

To connect the Bluetooth receipt printer, follow these steps: 

  1. From the iPad’s home screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Bluetooth and toggle the switch to on.
  3. Press the iPad’s home button and open Square Register.
  4. From Square Register, tap the three horizontal lines on the bottom navigation bar.
  5. Tap Settings, tap Hardware, and then Printers.
  6. Tap on “Connect a Bluetooth Printer” and follow the steps in the new window. 

    Connect Printer: Turn on printer, Navigate to bluetooth settings on iPad, select Star Micronics, enter PIN number of 1234
  1. Return to the Register app, and you should see the Printer Connected screen.
  2. Tap “Continue to Setup.”
  3. Nickname the printer if you’d like, select which receipts or order tickets this printer will handle, and send a test receipt to the printer.

To return to Register, tap the three horizontal lines on the navigation bar and tap Register. 

Note: Bluetooth printers are only compatible with iPads running the latest version of Apple iOS.